Who Is Carla?

I have 40+ years doing obedience training with puppies 4 moths old to ??. I have been doing behavior modification for about 20 years. I am also a certified veterinarian assistant                                                                   

I started out at age 14 grooming poodles and apprenticing under two puppy/dog obedience trainers for three years. I have in the past trained and handled show dogs, worked with Canine 9 training for law enforcement dogs/guard dogs. I have done obedience training for just about every breed of dog from very large to tiny teacup size. 

At the moment my canine companion is a 5 year old Miniature Pinscher, Cleo.  

How to contact me

630-390-4404 during regular business hours to set up an appointment to start training and/or behavior modification classes.

No medical advice appearing anywhere on this site should take the place of what your veterinarian tells you to do. Contact your veterinarian or nearest animal emergency clinic for all illnesses and/or injuries.